Camp Reflection

The camp was quite an experience I have to say. I don’t know why but I didn’t have many worries before the camp. My worries began the moment I lifted up the bag. To be honest, it was quite hard for me to carry the heavy bag all the way through the hike in the Brisbane Ranges National Park. I looked back at the road I’ve walked through in the middle of the hike and suddenly felt very tired. Stephy( one of the UC campers) said:” Never look back when you are hiking.” I felt I was going to give up so easily that the idea scared me. But somehow I managed to complete the hike. I guess one of the main reasons is that everyone was proceeding and going on. With that kind of morale of the group, we all finished the hike. And that was the highlight but also the biggest challenge I’ve accomplished. I learned that persistence(which is my main goal) is very important. And how important it is for success. I would definitely left some of my clothes behind. They were really heavy and didn’t come in handy.
Other highlights include me climbing the first tree of my life SUCCESSFULLY and seeing emus and kangaroos ALIVE. That sounds kinda sad that I’ve never seen them alive before but I feel lucky to see them just after 3 months in Australia. The milk way at night was enjoyable as well because it’s something not able to be seen in the more and more urbanized city.
One weird insight from the camp was that I really feel that I should cherish my life more. Maybe it was because the hills were sometimes quite steep during the camp and I thought: what if my life ends here? haha That’d be pretty dramatic but that’s a good reminder that I can carry into my life.
Another surprise is that I can handle a tent now!!! Before camp I knew nothing about tents or anything about camping but these stuff came naturally with the camp experience and I believe they may come in handy in the future.haha
The reunion was quite exciting and fun and we shared our stories and played games together. It was my first hiking experience and it was really unforgettable.

short reunion yo
short reunion yo
Morale yo
Morale yo
getting ready yo
getting ready yo


One thought on “Camp Reflection

  1. It was a fantastic effort to carry that bag so far Emma. I was really proud of you all, but especially the smaller girls for whom it’s even harder.
    I hope you go camping again, perhaps next time with a bit less weight stuffed into the pack!

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